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We are always looking for more Links. If you happen to know of a good one, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

OSHPD Home Page, Lots of info.

OSHPD FDD Webpage, Where most of the Construction Info is found.

OSHPD SB1953, Did the earth move or are we in love?

OSHPD IOR Info. “Feel Our Pain”

California Web Site, Free Title 24 Books if you want to burn-up a printer.

Calif. Code of Regulations CCR, It’s painful but Free. Try Title 17.

NFPA, Books and Hot Stuff.

Air Quality Board, Wonder if your BBQ needs a permit? NO!!! But your Generator will.

JCAHO, Spit shine is a sure sign that these guys are coming for a visit

Find a seminar, So many Seminars, so little time.

CSHE, Facility Engineer Stuff and updates on requirements and codes

Construction Web Links, Great links, almost prefect except they don’t list us… Yet.

Construction Jobs, Interview & Resume Tips. Nothing in Bora Bora... Lots in Iraq.

California State Fire Marshal; More Hot Stuff