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Below is a sample of the kind of detailed and succinct plan review observations clients can expect from Building Knowledge.

Building Knowledge

Hospital Owner, Northern California Region
Facilities Services Division
975 Wahoo Drive
Walla Walla, Ca. 94589

Attn: Mr. Project Manager

Subject: Best Hospital Medical Center, Replace Wet Laser
Project #2003-155 Partial Plan Review

Mr. Manager,

As requested I have reviewed the plans dated 12-6-03 for the Replace Wet Laser Project, and have the following comments:

- It appears that this project should qualify for an Expedited Review and possibly a Field Review by OSHPD.
- As a reminder the Architects Signature is required on all plan pages.
- Consider including a Site Map of the Campus with the Street Address showing the location of the project.
- Consider adding details or notes to Sheet A-10 that addresses capping or plugging of the existing floor sink that will no longer be used.
- The Existing Plumbing Lines shown on sheet A-10 to be capped in the wall, should be cut and capped at the nearest supply feeders (Dirty Leg) or terminated with a valve.
- Consider showing backing and or direct attachment to studs for wall mounted items and casework.
- Consider showing the fire ratings for the existing walls (if not rated say so).
- The current plans do not address any electrical changes, if there are to be changes additional information and details will be needed prior to submission to OSHPD.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate.

Steven Hoffman
Building Knowledge