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Consulting Services

Building Knowledge offers a wide range of consulting services at competitive prices.


Inspector of Record Services

Our goal is to show that an innovative inspection team can make a project far more efficient.

Recent accolades for Steve Hoffman's projects include: "The best project and inspection team ever seen in my 30 years" and "An example of how a major project in a collaborative effort with OSHPD can be successful" by an OSHPD RCO. Steve's projects have also have been cited by owners, project management, designers, OSHPD and contractors as "the model for others to follow" due to the clear, concise, proactive and cost effective team approch that Steve helps project teams to reach.

During the last 10 years, Steve & BJ's IOR training classes have accounted for the vast majority of the new IOR's in California. They have also providing training for owners, designers, project managers, contractors and tradesmen over the years. "May God and all those contractors please forgive us"!

IOR availability

Steve Hoffman and Bundy Chamberlain are currently working on two of the largest OSHPD Projects in Northern California. These projects are targeted for completion in early 2011. We however, are always looking for opportunities to develop new client relationships and have a great many contacts in the field that may be able to help.

Plan review and permit document prep

Our plan and document review service provides prompt and technically-accurate review of all the construction documents. These reviews are based on codes, check-lists and templates that we developed that help to capture/correct items that can cause permit delays or drive late stage changes. This is one of the exceptional values we can bring to every project and is one of the items that distinguishes us in our field. The best testament to on this is our highly satisfied clients who repeatedly requested these services for their new projects. Another testament is that OSHPD continues to request that we do training seminars on this subject in order to help the industry. When we get a spare moment.......

Testing Inspection and Observation (TIO) Preparation

As part of the Plan Review Process, we can assist with refining this document. We can also offer suggestions on how to structure the TIO and inspections so that they can be implemented at the lowest possible costs while allowing for the projects needs. For the last 10 years, our projects that range from $15K to well over $400 Mill that have taken advantage of this service have enjoyed the lowest costs of any comparable OSHPD project in California.

Value Engineering

"Value through innovation" is the ability to ask the right questions, to analyze the design of a building component and to develop creative technical solutions that allow for timely, budget-sensitive and successful construction. Reviews we have performed and insight offered have more than paid for our services for all clients. Some of our reviews have resulted in millions of dollars in savings to our clients.

Special Inspection budget prep, contract/rate negotiations and invoice review.

We can help to scope a project to assure that the budget contains the minimum code requirements for special inspections and tests. We can also guide you on possible options to save costs or even help to negotiate contracts for you. Many testing labs even offer better rates to our clients when we are involved.
Project close-out
Every project we have ever been involved with has been closed in compliance with OSHPD. This is quite rare in the industry and shows how we can not only start a project but that we are finishers! We have also of late been retained by some clients to help resolve older projects that were closed out of compliance and posed a risk for their board members and future projects. Once again 100% success on that too!
We are considered by some to be experts in this field too. Our projects that are focused on this range from small projects to entire campuses. On a recent smaller project our client had already obtained a permit and a bid for their CUP NPC upgrade. Their cost projections were well over $2 Million when they contacted us for some help. Working closely with the client, we ultimately helped them to refine/minimize the project scope, initiated a re-design and new permit and the client completed the project for $125K. This included all the costs for re-design, permits, all construction and our services.