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One of the Spring 2004 Class Sessions. Their depth of code knowledge has improved so much that we have received calls about how "Scary" they are. Ahh.. We are so proud!!!

Our Training Classes and Seminars have received high praise from Owners, Project Managers, Architects, Manufacturers, General Contractors, Sub Contractors and Tradesmen. OSHPD Personnel and City Building Officials have attended our classes and seminars and are referring students to us.

Thank you for your interest in Building Knowledge and we look forward to meeting you in our next Class!

Building Knowledge Spring 2013 Inspector of Record (IOR) Study Course Application

Building Knowledge is offering a new round of its six month evening course to prepare students for the OSHPD IOR Examination. Classes are held once a month for two hours each (5:00pm to 7:00pm). Our target will be to prepare you for the Oct. 2013 State Exam.

Who should attend? Just about anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of OSHPD Requirements. Our Training Classes have been attended by Building Officials, Owners, Project Managers, Architects, Manufacturers, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Special Inspectors and Tradesmen.

We are proud of the fact that our students have been so successful that OSHPD and City Building Officials refer students to us.

What will you get? You will receive helpful information from successful IORs on how to prepare, research and maintain familiarity with building codes. You will also receive Practice Exams, and guidance on proven methods for taking the exam. Former students who have completed our courses have enjoyed a great success rate. Students will also receive information on how to get discounts on Code Books. Students will not, by any measure, receive the answers to the OSHPD IOR Examination.

We stress preparation, knowledge and research speed. The only way to succeed is to exert a genuine effort to learn. If you are not willing to put in the time (1/2 hour per day min.), you will not succeed.

Cost: Full 6 Month Course = $500.00 for the OSHPD Class A & B Students and $100.00 for the OSHPD Class C Students (2-Classes for Class C). Note: Students are required to provide their own code books and pay for their OSHPD Application and Examination Fees. These Fees and Required Codes can be viewed on the OSHPD Website. Completion of the course does not guarantee a passing mark on the exam, however it does provide excellent preparation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. (925) 817-9412 or (510) 773-9675.

See the agenda below for information on how we plan on letting you "Feel our Pain" during the Classes.

OSHPD Study Group Class 
                        Long Range Agenda
                        Session 1; (Mid April)
                        •	Introduction, How to on application & where to get Code Books.
                        1.	Presentation on IOR Demand.
                        2.	Fill-out Application & see if you qualify for an “A, B or C” Cert.
                        3.	Get Code Books (Part 1 Volume 1 as a minimum)
                        4.	Tab Books (Part 1 Volume 1 as a minimum)
                        5.	Spend 30 minutes per day on codes.
                        Session 2 (Mid May)
                        •	Review completed Sample Test, Set-up of Part 1 Volume1 & Applications
                        1.	Get Code Books (Part 1 Volume 2 as a minimum)
                        2.	Presentation by Brian Coppock on OSHPD Admin Requirements.
                        3.	Tab & Strip Books, Sample Test
                        4.	Match students with mentors for Plan Review
                        Session 3 (June.) 
                        •	Review completed Sample Test, Set-up of Part 1 Volume 2,
                        1.	Get Code Books (Part 3 as a minimum)
                        2.	Tab & Strip Books, Sample Test
                        3.	Applications should be in for Oct Test.
                        Session 4 (July) 
                        •	Review completed Sample Test, Set-up of Part 3
                        1.	Get Code Books (Part 4 as a minimum)
                        2.	Tab & Strip Books, Sample Test.
                        3.	Sample Test.
                        Session 5 (Aug)
                        •	Review completed Sample Test, Set-up of Part 4
                        1.	Get remaining Code Books (Set-up on Parts 1, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 & NFPA)
                        2.	Tab & Strip Books, Sample Test
                        3.	Start plan testing
                        Session 6 (Sept)
                        •	Review completed Sample Test, & Code Set-up
                        1.	Have all Code Books ready
                        2.	Time Management & Sample Tests
                        3.	Good Luck on OSHPD Test.
                        After Exam
                        •	Steve & BJ get fired & replaced by lower cost successful students.