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At Building Knowledge, research of and familiarity with codes is our strongpoint. What better people to query than Instructors of an IOR course? Below is a sample of the kind of detailed and succinct response our clients can expect when submitting an inquiry about code requirements.

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Hospital Owner, Northern California Region
Facilities Services Division
975 Wahoo Drive
Walla Walla, Calif.

Attn.: Ms. Project Manager

Subject: Best Hospital Medical Center, 7th Floor OR Conversion Code Requirements

Ms. Manager,

As requested I have researched some of the code requirements for converting the existing 7th floor Operating Rooms from Outpatient to Inpatient use.

After a partial review of the 1998 California Building Codes it appears that the current configuration will not qualify for conversion (See attached “Room Size Analysis”).

There is a remote possibility of being granted the occupancy change without performing major renovations by requesting an exception. Please note that very compelling reasoning to allow for the exception will be needed as the current configuration would not even conform to the requirements for “Outpatient Surgery” (See attached CBC 420A.40.2). I have attached a copy of the code (CBC 420A.2, “Exception #2”) that outlines some of the requirements of submitting for an exception.

If remodeling is considered the codes (See attached CBC 420A.2 “Application”) would require virtually all components of the new space to be evaluated and reworked as needed to comply with current codes.

There are additional code and licensing requirements that may also impact the proposed change of use. If a decision is made to pursue this change, we are available to perform additional research.

Thanks for shopping at Building Knowledge

Steve Hoffman

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