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Frequently Asked Questions


What does IOR stand for?
a) Initiator of Re-work
b) Inspector of Record
c) Irratator of Rears

Correct answer is a, b or c depending on your prospective. OK the Code answer is b but we are working on getting this corrected!

Question: Will I qualify to sit for the IOR Exam? Answer: visit the OSHPD website that lists the requirements and see if you have the required background. Please note that we don't care if you do or don't. Our course is open to all that want to learn more about the codes.

Question: Will I receive the answers to the OSHPD IOR exam?

Answer: NO! We will however show you how to prepare and through study, our students have scored very high on the exam.

Question: Why did you start charging for this course?

A. We had way too many "Flake" Students when we did it for free.
B. We thought it would be a great way to cull the heard.
C. We wanted to help others with Charity Donations.

D. All of the above.

Answer: The correct answer is "D".

Question: Will we be forced to attend "Time Share Sales Presentations"?

Answer: No, but you do have to buy your own code books.

Question: Steve's Email was Steve@OSHPD.CA, does he work for OSHPD?

Answer: NO. Steve was drinking when he purchased the OSHPD.CA Website. He regrets it and is sure that OSHPD will punish him for his indiscretion. Fortunately .CA stands for "Canada" and they have tough extradition laws.