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Steve Hoffman and Bundy Chamberlain AKA BJ

Building Knowledge's main objectives has always been to help our clients to deliver projects on time and budget. We specialize in helping to drive understandings at all levels on what is needed to deliver health care projects. Our proven methods help to streamline the processes needed and also help our clients to reduce project costs. Our value engineering solutions have helped many clients to save multi millions of dollars and expedite OSHPD approvals. On or ahead of schedule and on or under budget is our proven track record regardless of project size or complexity.   
Besides teaching, our experience includes some of the largest and most complex hospital projects in California. We also have a proven track record on a great many small projects and help many of our clients with simple items (for us) like OSHPD forms. Belieive it or not, we find that the simple things like help with OSHPD forms has proved to be a huge schedule savings via expediting the OSHPD review process.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve & Bundy

So sorry to inform but we will not be holding the class this spring. 

BJ however has been kind enough to offer to help a select few. For more info on that please contact BJ.

All student fees from past classes have been donated to charities as elected by the students, the charities continue to thank the students for the gifts.

Please see the OSHPD Website for added info on the IOR exam and the books that you will need.

To this day we are still wowed by the 99% pass rate that students have experienced over the last 10 Years. Our hope is that future Classes will also do as well but please bear in mind that each students dedication and focus is the key to these results. All Classes will be held once a month for six months from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The basis and Fee's for the Class will remain the same as previous Classes as follows: The first Class is/has always been free. The cost of the remaining classes is $100.00 for the OSHPD C Students (1-additional class), and $500.00 for the OSHPD A & B Students" (5 additional classes). Please note that all proceeds from fees received will be donated to charities as selected by the Students.

Students will also need to pay for their own Books & State Exam Fees (About $2,800). In order to reduce Student Costs, we will supply info on how and where students can get discounts from ICC and other publishers.

Please also note that once we reach the 2nd Class, we do not allow new Students to join as it is too disruptive.
If you are interested in taking a future Class, please send your name, phone and email address to (Steve@IORED.COM) and we will keep you informed. Or you can send the info to Building Knowledge, 119 Verde Mesa Drive, Danville, Ca. 94526.Thanks




The Class will focus on preparation for the OSHPD Inspector of Records Examination. Click IOR Training to find out more! You can also find other useful websites on our links/resources page.

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